Five Reasons to Go Wireless for Your Business Alarm System

Wireless Business Alarm System Available at Advanced Lock & Security

The fact is, we now live in a digital world, so many of the systems we once relied on are no longer the most effective or efficient. This is especially apparent when it comes to the alarm system protecting your business. While you can still have someone come out, drill holes, and run wires for traditional alarm systems, consider the next generation of wireless security systems. Today’s modern wireless alarm systems for businesses provide many advantages over traditional wired systems, and they’re often more affordable as well. Read through the following reasons to upgrade your business security system to a wireless one, and schedule a consultation with the experts at Advanced Lock and Security to find out more.

Wireless Business Security Systems are More Secure

Most traditional hardwired alarm and security systems rely on telephone landlines that have been around for a long time. Typically, there is a box somewhere on the exterior of the building where a quick snip of a wire can render the entire system useless. There’s a reason that these traditional systems are being phased out for wireless systems. Today’s wireless alarm and security systems provide more options, are easier and less invasive to install, and they are far harder to bypass since there is no physical connection that can be cut.

Installation is Easier and Less Expensive for Wireless Security Systems

It used to be that installing an alarm system in a business or home required running wires from every sensor, and that meant a lot of work. Upgrading to a modern wireless security system is much easier with the placement of the sensors and control panel being the bulk of the installation. In fact, wireless security systems have become quite popular for those looking to do the installation themselves to save on costs.

Modern Wireless Security Systems are Typically Compatible with Other Smart Devices

It’s truly remarkable to see what’s possible with modern technology. Imagine walking up to the door of your office which automatically unlocks in response to your approach. This is just one of the many benefits to smart home and office technology that may not work well, or at all, with traditional wired systems. From smart locks to video surveillance and motion sensors, we can help you determine the right wireless security system for your business at Advanced Lock and Security.

Wireless Security Systems can be Easily Expanded or Relocated

The nature of business is a fluid one, and that means considering what may be waiting around the corner. While modern wireless security and alarm systems are typically more affordable and offer greater security, they can also accommodate the changing demands of business. If you find yourself expanding to a larger facility, a wireless security system can be moved and installed at the new location far easier than a wired system. It’s also typically easy to add sensors and components to wireless security systems allowing you to cover more entry points or add something like video surveillance.

Wireless Alarm & Security Systems are More Versatile

While it’s easy to think of security and alarm systems only in terms of protecting access points or monitoring areas through video surveillance, wireless security systems allow a greater range of options since the sensors are small enough to be placed on desk or file cabinet drawers, safes, and other places you may wish to be alerted if accessed.