Do You Still Need a Security System in an Apartment?

Apartment Security System available from Advanced Lock & Security

With an estimated 37% of people being renters, there’s serious potential for thieves and others to find opportunities in places like apartments. While good h2 locks and other physical barriers are always important, a quality security system can be the difference between a safe and secure place to live and one that puts you at greater risk. There are a variety of affordable and easily installed security systems available, and we’d be happy to discuss options with you at Advanced Lock and Security. Find out more in the following details, then give us a call to see just how easy it is to secure your apartment or rental property with a quality security system.

Not all security systems are the same, and some rental properties even come with traditional wired systems or other form of security system. If you do find a wired system as a part of your rental, you may consider upgrading with a wireless system. They can typically be installed in a non-invasive manner that allows you to leave the existing system in place. What’s more, a wireless security system can be easily moved without damage when you head to the next place. We can help you choose and install the right security system for your apartment, or there are a range of systems available that you can install yourself.

Even if your apartment or rental came with an included security system, it may not take much for someone like a maintenance person to get around it. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home, even if that home is an apartment, and installing a modern wireless system is a great way to know that your place is safe whether you’re there or not. Some new security systems are even equipped with cellular technology that is virtually impossible to bypass, and you can choose between a monitored service or a security system that you can monitor yourself.

Monitored services have become quite affordable with monthly subscriptions that include 24-hour monitoring by live personnel. This allows the authorities to be notified not only in the event of a break in, but also for fire or high carbon monoxide levels. To save even more, you can go with a system that sends alerts to your phone, email, or other form of electronic communication. You can set these systems to alert just your phone or others as well. Much like traditional wired systems, today’s wireless systems are available with motion detectors and are typically even compatible with things like cameras and smart home devices. Most of our customers agree that the peace of mind alone is worth far more than the affordable costs of a wireless apartment security system.