What Should You Know About Residential Alarm Systems?

Residential Alarm Systems available at Advanced Lock & Security

Home security is about more than sounding alarms if a window is broken or a door is kicked in, they’re about being able to sleep peacefully at night and remain confident that your home is safe during the day while you’re away. This is where a quality residential alarm system comes in, and there is no shortage of options available. At Advanced Lock and Security, we’re more than your trusted local locksmith serving the Delaware Valley, we’re the trusted source for all things security. We want everyone to feel safe in their own home while also knowing that their home and possessions are secure while they’re away. Find out more in the information below, then give us a call to schedule a consultation with one of our home security experts.

If you’re still relying on that old wired alarm system to help protect your home, you may consider upgrading to a more modern wireless system. They’re easy to install, and are generally more secure than traditional hardwired systems that often rely on a telephone landline that can be easily disconnected. The advanced wireless home security systems are also typically compatible with other smart home devices from Bluetooth door locks to smart lights and even thermostats. These go a long way when enhancing your comfort, convenience, and perhaps most importantly, peace of mind. You can also get residential alarm and security systems with closed circuit cameras as well as motion sensors that accommodate small pets like cats and small dogs.

When choosing the best residential security system for your home, it’s best to speak to the experts and get an in-home consultation. Experienced insight like what you’ll find at Advanced Lock and Security can point out possible access points and other areas that may pose security risks that you haven’t thought of. The security of your home certainly isn’t something you’d trust to just anyone, so remember to do your homework and make sure that you’re working with a licensed professional. While we’ve mentioned the growing problem of locksmith and security scams in other posts, it’s worth mentioning again. Find a locksmith and security business you like that’s available 24 hours because you never know when you’ll need them. Visit their physical location and keep their number on you. Also, see what your neighbors know about local locksmiths and security businesses.

All physical security starts with things like quality locks, doors, and windows, but none of that does any good if they are breached without anyone knowing. This is where a quality modern home security system comes in. There are now a variety of advanced wireless security systems available that won’t provide a criminal with a physical connection to cut, and they offer a range of monitoring and alert options. Aside from protecting your home from invaders and burglars, don’t forget that today’s home security systems are also important to protect from other dangers like fire and carbon monoxide.