Business Security Essentials

Business Security Essentials at Advanced Lock & Security

You have a lot riding on your business, and keeping it well protected should be a top priority. While some business feel that some variation of a residential security system is adequate, remember that there are typically more avenues of threat to a business than a residence. Assets are often greater, and the level of daily traffic, from employees to customers, is also far greater for a business resulting in higher exposure. This is also a big part of why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for business security. We suggest calling an experienced operation like Advanced Lock and Security to schedule a security consultation with experts that can address your needs with the utmost professionalism.

Professional security for businesses and other commercial operations starts as you would expect with a complete assessment of access points throughout the facility. From industrial roll-up doors to emergency exits, access should be carefully controlled or even monitored to ensure that only the right people access areas at the right time. If your business still hands out physical keys, it’s a good idea to have locks rekeyed when a key is lost or unaccounted for. It’s also a good idea to have locks rekeyed when an employee with access must be let go in a manner that could lead to resentment. For even more secure control of access throughout your business, consider electronic and smart locks that can be accessed with a pin code or key card. These are easy to reprogram and can even maintain a log of who accessed that point and when.

Cameras are common across the business world for good reason. Their simple presence is often a great deterrent since criminals don’t like their actions to be witnessed. If nefarious activity does take place, having quality and reliable video surveillance is often the difference between justice and criminals being encouraged to strike again because they think they can get away with it. We recommend a combination of highly visible cameras and others that are hidden. This way, the visible cameras can serve as a deterrent while the hidden cameras are less likely to be avoided or damaged not to mention the help they provide in minimizing shrinkage.

Protecting your assets is another essential part of securing your business, particularly when sophisticated equipment is involved or money regularly changes hands. Keeping pricy equipment and product secure goes back to ensuring that the facility itself is properly secured with the right locks and other security measures like motion sensors, cameras, or even heat sensors. Ensuring that money goes where it is supposed to takes a bit more vigilance that can be greatly helped with cameras and monitored displays. Quality safes, hidden or otherwise, are also important. In fact, in a retail environment where money is frequently changing hands, a drop safe by the register is a good idea, and a main safe in the back that only a select few can access is recommended.