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Electronic Locks vs Traditional Locks

The modern age is truly remarkable with a level of technology that was considered science fiction just a decade ago. Such advancements have also introduced an abundance of new and sophisticated options for securing homes and businesses. Now, not only can the traditional door knob with lock be replaced with an electronic keyless lock, features like remote access, visual security, and biometrics are also available. However, this growing magnitude of modern electronic lock options has yet to replace traditional locks since there are advantages and disadvantages to both. To help you have a better idea of which option is your best bet, we looked at the physical security, convenience, and cost differences between traditional keyed locks and new electronic locks.

When it comes to the physical security of the locks on your doors, the fact that a lock is electronic does not necessarily make the door harder to kick in or break down. In fact, a variety of electric deadbolts use the same inner workings found in traditional keyed deadbolts. You’ll also find that there are a variety of options for both electric and traditional locks that provide greater physical security. Keep in mind that, no matter how robust the electronic or traditional lock is, the structural integrity of the door is often the difference when preventing an intruder from entering. No matter what type of lock you decide to go with, make sure that the door is either a solid wood core or metal. Remember, burglars are criminals of opportunity who look to exploit weaknesses.

It may seem like the new electronic locks are more convenient, and for many they are. However, if you find yourself having difficulty setting the DVR to record a football game or you sometimes want to throw your smartphone against a wall, electronic locks may not be for you. A high-security keyed lock properly installed in a solid door can provide the same level of protection from forced entry as an electronic lock. However, if the idea of not having to carry a key around, having your front door unlock as you approach it with your smartphone, or being able to track usage of a door sounds appealing, then modern electronic locks have a lot to offer. There are even electric locks that can work with video systems so everyone who enters gets their picture taken. If you’re looking to secure a business, there are many more advantages to electric locks.

The level of sophistication and technology in the modern electric locks does come with a price tag that is typically a bit higher up front than the traditional keyed locks. However, the cost over time can even out for many home and business owners. When a key to a traditional lock is lost or stolen, best practices suggest having the lock rekeyed or replaced which takes time and money. For households with children that are prone to misplacing things or businesses that handle a turnover of keyholders, keeping access to traditional locks secure can quickly become a big job. With an electronic lock, simply changing the code is often all that’s necessary. For more information, contact your local experts at Advanced Lock & Security.