Easy to use home security checklists offered by Advanced Lock & Security

Home Security Checklist – Make Sure You’re Not Vulnerable

Trying to remember all the things, big and small, you should do to keep your home safe and secure is a task that can escape the best of us. That’s why it’s helpful to have a checklist handy. We’ve put together this home security checklist to offer some ideas of how you can maintain better security while you’re away or at home. If you haven’t had an expert come by to evaluate the security of your home, give us a call at Advanced Lock & Security to see just how easy it is to improve the comfort and confidence you maintain for the safety and security of your home, loved ones, and valuables.

Home Security Checklist – Exterior

  • Doors, Windows, & Gates Are Locked
  • Pet Doors Properly Secured
  • Garden Tools, Ladders, & Other Items Secure & Out of Sight
  • Property’s Exterior is Tidy with Minimal Places for Person to Hide
  • All Exterior Lighting is Working Properly
  • Yard Well Maintained – Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed to Reduce Hiding Places
  • Mail & Paper Deliveries are Suspended or Picked Up Daily
  • Know Your Neighbors so They Can Help You Keep an Eye on Things
  • Don’t Leave Hidden Key Outside

Home Security Checklist – Interior

  • Does Your Home Appear Occupied – Lights/TV on Timers Etc.
  • Valuables Out of Sight – Including Medications & Important Papers/Information
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Working with Good Batteries
  • Door Between Garage & House Locked
  • Overhead Garage Door Properly Secured (See our blog about securing garage doors)
  • Sliding Doors are Pinned or Otherwise Secured from Being Lifted Off the Track
  • Clear Visibility to House Interior is blocked
  • Main Water is Off for Extended Periods of Absence
  • Thermostat is Adjusted Accordingly (Not turned off completely)
  • Valuables Such as Televisions & Computers are Inscribed with Identifying Number Approved by Local Police
  • Detailed Home Inventory is Up to Date Along with Appropriate Insurance

Home Security Checklist – Personal

  • Important Documents (Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Etc.) Secured Offsite
  • Other Irreplaceable Items Also Secured Offsite in Security Deposit Box
  • Friends & Neighbors Know When You’ll be Away
  • Important Information Such as Prescriptions, Doctors, Allergies, Etc. Provided to Friends or Family
  • Credit Card & Alarm Companies Informed of Planned Absence
  • Emergency Escape Plan for Break-in or Other Emergency While You’re Home