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Advanced Lock & Security dominates the entire Delaware Valley.  Because our service is renowned throughout the area, we’ll likely have a technician working near you very soon.

Doing what?  Read on.

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Qualtiy Locksmith Service

Change keys Locksmith

What makes a house into a home? That feeling of security. Call us, we can install that feeling.

We provide the full spectrum of locksmith and security services. We’re adept at rekeying houses, businesses, full suites and entire buildings.  With skill and speed we fix and install locks, deadbolts, door closers, exit alarms, doors, cabinet locks and even safes.

If you just got a new home (congratulations!) and you want to hit the reset button on your security, then what you need is a “rekey,” where we change the cylinder configuration for each lock to accept a new and diffrent key.  If you have numerous locks made by the same lock manufacturer,  for example – “Kwikset,” or “Schlage,” or “Baldwin,” then we can key those locks alike so one key will open mutiple doors.  Less keys is more convenience.

For your business, small or large, stand alone Mom and Pop shops to multi-floor corporations and multi-building campuses, Advanced can keep your operations secure, get departments organized and keep buildings safe.  From jobs as simple, yet mysterious, as “front door won’t work,” to the more complicated, yet straightforward,”we need a master key array to separate departmental access but allow IT everywhere,” Advanced can handle it.  For whatever change you want or bad news you’ve got, seeing one of our trucks pull up is always good news: it means progess will be made, solutions found and projects completed.

Great Commercial Security Work

Beyond the intricacies of mechanical lockwork – 20 years now – we are also experts at next level security: electronics.

Commercial Exterior Secuirty Camera Installation

Just drill a hole and feed the wire through? No. You need to know what other wires are behind where you want that hole. For advanced thinking, think Advanced.

We do great work installing access card systems, intercom entry setups, security camera installations and networked surveillance arrays. As complicated as some security systems installs can be, it is still just a matter of knowing what you’re doing and being organized from the start – from idea and recommendation to plan out and put in.  It’s that easy, yet it’s that hard.  It takes an ongoing fresh knowledge of the most current security equipment and surveillance accesssories and how they can be applied across many different construction methods, materials and zoning codes; it takes an array of hard-learned field expedience to overcome on-site nuances that the blueprints don’t account for; and it takes persistence under pressure to get projects done on time and correctly – the first time.

Not only do we skillfully install these often complex commercial systems, we’re good enough to troubleshoot existing security systems when they go wrong. Advanced Lock & Security (too) often gets called in to fix other people’s work. If you’ve ever dealt with a box of hangers, then you have an idea of what it’s like to approach an older system that someone else installed, and then (often) another someone else modified, numerous times.  Your nightmare is our challenge, and we’re very good at challenges.

You’ll be relieved to call us because you know we can do the work – expertly.  You have finally found that one go-to business that you can depend on.  You’ve got less to worry about now, because  We Install Less Worry in More Places – Everyday.