1404, 2017

Start or Join Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime in your neighborhood. A neighborhood equipped with warning signs directed at intruders and multiple families watching out for each other is a lot more secure than one that has an every-man-for-himself mentality. Not to mention the community benefits of just getting to know […]

704, 2017

Tips for Securing Attached Garage

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Garage doors, although you may not think about them often, pose one of the largest safety risks of anywhere in your home. If not properly secured, they offer a relatively easy entry point for an intruder. We want to help you keep you home safe on all fronts, so here are a few tips for […]

3103, 2017

Home Interior & Exterior Security Checklist

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Home Security Checklist – Make Sure You’re Not Vulnerable

Trying to remember all the things, big and small, you should do to keep your home safe and secure is a task that can escape the best of us. That’s why it’s helpful to have a checklist handy. We’ve put together this home security checklist to offer […]

2403, 2017

Be Proactive To Protect Your Home When Away

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Keep Your Property Safe by Always Appearing to be Home

When it comes to the subject of home security, you’ll find this bit of advice just about everywhere; appearance matters! Burglars and thieves are typically criminals of opportunity that prefer to avoid unnecessary risk. They’ll avoid being confronted by a homeowner or occupant if they can, […]

2003, 2017

5 Steps To Take To Take When Away From Home

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5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Home Unattended

Few things are more frustrating than returning home in the middle of the night from a long vacation only to find surprises waiting. By keeping a few things in mind, it can be a lot easier to come back to a home just as you left it. […]

1703, 2017

Compare Electronic vs Traditional Locks

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Electronic Locks vs Traditional Locks

The modern age is truly remarkable with a level of technology that was considered science fiction just a decade ago. Such advancements have also introduced an abundance of new and sophisticated options for securing homes and businesses. Now, not only can the traditional door knob with lock be replaced with an […]

2402, 2017

Business Security Essentials

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Business Security Essentials

You have a lot riding on your business, and keeping it well protected should be a top priority. While some business feel that some variation of a residential security system is adequate, remember that there are typically more avenues of threat to a business than a residence. Assets are often greater, and the […]

1702, 2017

Residential Alarm Systems

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What Should You Know About Residential Alarm Systems?

Home security is about more than sounding alarms if a window is broken or a door is kicked in, they’re about being able to sleep peacefully at night and remain confident that your home is safe during the day while you’re away. This is where a quality residential […]

1002, 2017

Apartment Security Systems

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Do You Still Need a Security System in an Apartment?

With an estimated 37% of people being renters, there’s serious potential for thieves and others to find opportunities in places like apartments. While good h2 locks and other physical barriers are always important, a quality security system can be the difference between a safe and secure […]

302, 2017

Wireless Business Alarm Systems

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Five Reasons to Go Wireless for Your Business Alarm System

The fact is, we now live in a digital world, so many of the systems we once relied on are no longer the most effective or efficient. This is especially apparent when it comes to the alarm system protecting your business. While you can still have […]