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Sleep Better with These Eyes Open

As a premier full-service security company, we’ve installed CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) security systems  throughout the entire Delaware Valley. CCTV systems are so popular because they’re a great way to monitor goings on and prevent or record unwarranted activity.

Our experience  enables us to configure  business security systems that are affordable and continually provide dependable 24 hour service to monitor what you’ve worked so hard to create: your business, your livelihood, your life.

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Eyes for the Back of Your Head

CCTV security cameras and surveillance systems are ideal for any business, regardless of their size or specialty. Commercial surveillance systems can also enable a business owner to have their eyes on their property without actually having to be – on the property. You can sleep better with these eyes open.

In addition to the obvious prevention and security benefits, CCTV camera systems are also a great way to keep your business organized, safe and monitored.

In the shop here, in addition to monitoring the premises for security and loss prevention, our cameras help to run the shop smoothly for us and convenient for customers and deliveries. If work in the shop is noisy, Dispatch can see when a customer comes in to the showroom and let someone know to greet them, so they aren’t left waiting.  If we hear a truck out back, a monitor shows us if it’s a delivery that needs to be met, or just the trash truck. Sometimes, trucks roll up out front to deliver large safes, they’re supposed to unload those in the back lot, and – because they can be conveniently seen by our street cameras – someone can run out to meet them before they get too far in the process – and save them the trouble of having to reload and drive around to unload again.

Yes, smartly positioned cameras are not just a great way to save your business from bad things, but also a smart way to promote good things – like better customer service and vendor relations.

Are You just Recording When You Should Be Identifying?

There are cameras available with impressive clarity, field of vision and infrared assist.  If you already have a CCTV system, look at your monitor and see if you can actually identify the people on screen. Probably not. If you really want better security, you’re going to want to upgrade your cameras, so they’re not just recording, but identifying.

All the pics on this page were taken on site at regional jobs we’ve done.  Our site is full of pictures we’ve taken.  Because we’re good, we’re proud

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I had Advanced Lock & Security come over to fix the key lock in my front door. It was my first time using them, and the technician did the work very quickly. He explained what he was doing.
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