Commercial Door Installation

  • Maintain build flow with timely installations
  • Professional appearance
  • Security complement to commercial locks

Who Meets Your Customers Before You Do?

You’re smart.  You’re thinking about replacing the door to your business.  You know that the first impression of your business is not made by you.  Whether your front door is right off the street or a suite door in an office building, your front door meets all your customers before you do.  In a way you may not have thought of, this makes doors very important to your business.  Make a good impression on your customers before you even meet them, with a better door.  Solid construction and secure, attractive hardware is a memorable first handshake.

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Done Right the First Time

When you work with locks, you work with doors. Because we’re very good (awesome) at working with locks - guess what? - We're great with doors too. We know how important a commercial door is to making the lock work well, and we know how critical it is to be on time with the delivery and installation of doors, door frames and hardware.

We work with property owners, maintenance facility operations, engineers, designers, loss prevention officers, shopkeepers and local code authorities, like NFPA (National Fire Protection Association),  to get your doors on site and installed right.

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  • Automatic DoorsCommercial door Install_2
  • Wood Doors & Frames
  • Glass Doors
  • ADA (Americans with Disability Act)  Door Operators
  • Steel Doors & Frames
  • Storefront Doors
  • Office Suite Doors
  • Building Doors
  • Balanced Doors
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Factories

Your Front Door Meets Your Customers Before You Do

The door to your business is exposed to a lot more use and abuse than regular doors, but it’s got to keep on working safely and effectively: like you and everyone else that works for you, doors are team members that have to keep greeting and helping every customer. Again, the front door meets all your customers before you do.  As a greeter, how’s your door doing?  If your front door is hard to work with and looking sad, it’s time to retire that door and give your business a facelift by installing a new commercial grade door.

Speaking of use and abuse, the back door to a business is often the chosen point of entry for break-ins. You may not be as concerned about the back door’s looks because – “no one really sees it.” That’s exactly why it’s targeted as a break-in point.

Even if you have a  good commercial door:  solid, heavier and tight;  they can wear out the hinges with their bulk and, over time, pull on the frame, putting the lock out of alignment with the strike. Also, many commercial door frames are made of aluminum.  Aluminum is light and strong, but it’s also a softer metal and can wear or bend quicker than steel.


Look at your back door.  If the front door is the greeter, then the back door is a bouncer.  If your back door doesn’t look that tough to you, than it certainly doesn’t look tough to a burglar.  Your back door should be adjusted to have very little movement in its frame when the handle is pulled.  If the door rattles at all, it’s seen as weakness – as an opportunity –  This is what makes burglars say to themselves, “if I could just get it to open a bit more and pry it somehow….”

You know that though, and that’s why you’re here.  Relax, we’ll make sure that your door is as secure as the lock.

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