Better Safe Than Sorry

When things go bad, the right safe always brings good news. A good commercial safe can save your business. Items may get stolen and your business may even suffer a fire, but the right safe will ensure that your business can carry on or rebuild. Get a commercial safe because you want to safeguard the core of your business: licenses, contracts, passports, tax documents, blueprints and network computer backups.

We’re committed to making sure that businesses keep safe what they deem is important. That’s why at Advanced Lock & Security we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of commercial safes with both the know-how and the ingenuity to install them the right way.

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What Type of Safe are You Looking For?

Typically, there are two basic grades of Commercial Safe, Burglary Rated and Fire Rated, the latter  – a clad version of a regular safe. Burglary Rated Commercial Safes are clad in thick steel, carbide steel or ballistic armor up to an inch and half thick to make entry more than just difficult. Fire-Rated Commercial safes are typically clad with a composite amalgamate layer and can withstand sustained fire exposure so you don’t lose your profits or papers that will help keep your business going, despite any fire damage.  Call Advanced Lock and Security to help choose the right commercial grade safe for your business.


Because we know what we’re doing – it’s three simple steps.

We Move and Install Commercial Safes

In addition to consulting on new safes, we can help with your current safe:  Advanced Lock & Security can safely move, transport and install commercial safes up to 800 pounds.  We do removals, we do combination changes, we can safecrack inoperable safes.

You may have an old safe that you need removed: we can smoothly remove your safe without damage or hassle – up or down stairs.  You may have a safe that you can’t open: we can open that safe so you can get what you need or find out what the heck’s been in there all these years. You may have a perfectly good safe, that you can easily open, but you need it moved somewhere else:  we can transport that perfectly good safe and make sure it stays that way on its trip, and kept that way when it’s installed at its new address.

We can also help with Residential Safes.

Your security is safe with us.  It’s your puns you have to worry about – we’re dangerous with them.

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I hired Advanced Lock & Security to do some work on my house. They were clean and neat, did work in a timely fashion, and were creative when they ran into unexpected issues. They resolved the issues quickly, and it was an overall easy experience.
John R., Phoenixville, PA
Advanced Lock & Security rekeyed all the locks to my home and everything went fine. The technician was prompt, courteous, and he got the job done quickly. This was my first experience with their company, and I’d use them again.
Jennifer D., Phoenixville, PA
I had Advanced Lock & Security come over to fix the key lock in my front door. It was my first time using them, and the technician did the work very quickly. He explained what he was doing.
I asked about a problem with my screen door, and he had the problem fixed in a snap.
Lois J., East Norriton Township, PA