Construction Security Design Services

Smart from the Start

Security Design from First Shovel to Ribbon-Cutting

For new construction and remodeling, securing Advanced Lock & Security as your build partner is going to save you money. Security, passage and IT installations are always easier when they’re part of the build, and integrating that planning from the start is going to eliminate costly retrofit problems.

Partner with Advanced for a Better Bottom Line

Planning your facility’s needs with us ahead of time saves you time and money.

  • Avoiding costly retrofits
  • Plan out your ideal custom installs before it’s too late.
  • Save time with a smoother construction workflow
  • Secure new constructions from the start
  • Keep your build organized and on budget

How We Can Help

A list of issues we can address and lockdown on  your construction project:

  • Build plan review
  • Equipment requirements
  • Monitor flow of
    • Materials
    • Contractors
    • Overall Build
  • Shipment/ Delivery confirmation
  • Hardware and Software installations
  • Initial tests and evaluations
  • Tenant / staff training of installed system
  • Final approvals
  • Concise Billing

Why Think About Security Now?

Integrating your security system during the construction process can save you money and stress, when you include Advanced Lock & Security from the start. Whether it’s whole building design or just coordinating contractors, we can help you manage the construction process of your new facility as you build through its phases: from first shovel to ribbon-cutting.

Run Your Build Right

For corporate construction firms, Advanced Lock and Security has the experience to smoothly merge with your teams and processes.  

We’ve been called in numerous times to pick up the slack when other teams have faltered, so it’ll be great for both of us to deal with solid folks and run this build right.  

  • We’ll thoroughly evaluate your plans for conflicts.  
  • Contribute keen insights and relevant feedback to improve your processes.  
  • We’ll be your trusted partners, focusing on lowering your costs and upping your security.  

Build Your Business Better

When a small business grows larger, a construction project can quickly feel overwhelming.  After all, you’ll be dealing with construction managers, developers, facilities managers, code officials, fire marshals, building inspectors, city/county/state officials, emergency managers, law enforcement agencies, lenders, insurers, and product manufacturers.  Relax, because we can help.  Relax, because we’ve got the experience and expertise you want to partner with when you really need things to go right.

Think Ahead 

Think Advanced

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