Deadbolt Locks

Double-Sided Deadbolts

Burglars approach a locked door and, without hesitation, they simply punch out the door’s window, reach in, and open the door. They’re in, you’re valuables are out. Afterwards, you survey the scene with that hollow feeling of loss. At least you weren’t home. What if you were home? A queasy feeling of dread comes over you.

"The job was done very professionally at a very good price."

Joh A. , Phoenixville PA

"Advanced installed a lock and deadbolt at my home. The job was done very professionally and promptly at a very good price.
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"I had them install a deadbolt, and the work was done well."

Bill S., Allentown PA

"I appreciated that they were flexible; it was easy to find an appointment time. The locksmith that came out was an efficient worker and very friendly."
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"Advanced installed two deadbolts and it was a fine experience."

Michelle S., Downingtown PA

"Advanced installed 2 deadbolts in my house and it was a fine experience. I’ve had no issues and the person that came to do the work was very nice and polite."
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It’s Easier to Keep Everyone Safe with a Double-Sided Deadbolt

A double-sided deadbolt eliminates such easy, unwarranted entry to your home.  Your door will be doubly secure:  locked to the outside and secure from the inside.  If you don’t have a key, then you don’t have a chance.

Do you have curious, adventuresome  children? Do you have forgetful, wandering elders? Maybe it’s visiting grand-kids that you quickly lose track of as they run in and out. If you install a double-sided deadbolt, you can keep better track of everyone’s coming and going. Because you have the key to let people in and out, you won’t be so stressed when someone’s out of your sight. It’s easier to keep everyone safe with a double-sided deadbolt.

Can You Do Without a Double-Sided Deadbolt?

You DO NOT have a double-sided deadbolt. Your pet curiously waits around the front door. A helpful child opens the door. The pet isn’t supposed to go out. You call out. Too late, your pet has bolted. The helpful child realizes it was a mistake and runs out after the pet.  By the time you’re at the door, you hear a car horn and skidding tires. You know how the story ends, so don’t even let it begin.

Double-sided deadbolts are not allowed everywhere, check local fire codes, but where they are – they bring peace of mind. Check with us and we’ll research it and get the job done.

Hate Keys, but Love Feeling Secure?

A Keyless Deadbolt can bolster your security and, at the same time, make it more flexible .

If your door locks with a key and you add a keyless deadbolt then, for contractors, or babysitters or neighbors or parties, you can grant easy access by leaving the bottom lock unlocked. This way, you can give out the code to grant access without bothering with keeping track of keys. You can change the code anytime. Some locks allow for multiple codes too.

Then, when you need full security again, just use your door lock and, even if someone has the code, the second lock won’t open without a key.

An example would be during the day, after school when your kids are in and out or have friends over a lot. They can have a code to get in, but the door will always be locked when it closes. Then, as you go to bed, you use both locks. Visiting hours are over; simple. 

Keyless Deadbolts

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