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Gary Beam

If you’ve ever been down to the stadiums in Philly, then you’ve likely walked over some of Gary’s work.

Literally right over it.

All the fiber optics and camera controls for every high def camera in Citizen’s Bank Park were run by the crew Gary worked with. Those lines weave their way underground from the Wells Fargo Center all the way to the baseball stadium.

Over six tons of fiber-optic cable!

When it comes to cables, conduits, and computers – Gary is wired for this kind of work. He’s been a part of some very important, but for the most part unknown, projects in the region.

For those in his circle of renowned veteran technicians though – he is quite known.

And he’s ours!

Behind every industry is a supporting industry, helping to keep them up up date and up to speed so they can work at their best and stay competitive. For 15 years, Gary has been an integral part of such a keystone industry; the Fiber Optics Communications infrastructure industry.

He’s worked on bringing to life all the telephones, computers and automation infrastructure for local industries.

His extensive experience includes full installations and logistics for multiple steel mills: Harrisburg, Coatesville, Conshohocken Claymont DE and Sparrows Point MD – a 9 square mile facility!

Gary's used to sorting through such "bird's nests," figuring out what's what and leaving things nicer than how he found them.
There's a Right way, and a Left way.
That's the smile of "everything's working just fine."
There at Every Step: After the wires go in, the laptop comes out. Gary's on it, every step of the way.
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Throughout the entire Delmarva peninsula, Gary has been front row and first string, turning daunting projects into To Do List checkmarks.

Throughout the entire Delmarva peninsula, Gary has been front row and first string, turning daunting projects into To Do List checkmarks.

It might seem unrelated, but his first jobs in construction and his subsequent degree in cabinet making and millwork often proves useful on our installation projects.

Gary’s background in construction helps him “see through walls.” Because he knows how buildings go together, for estimates and installations he knows what we’ll encounter running wires. Knowing the potential hang-ups and rerouting options before a project starts saves our crews time and hassle, and saves our clients expense and delay.

At one point in his career, during a downturn in the economy, when he was a member of Local 98 IBEW, he was the last of 246 employees to be let go. We feel the same way, there are 245 things we’d rather do than say goodbye to Gary.

This is why he’s the Manager of our Security Division.

Always Ready

Dispatch always knows where everyone is working. If an emergency call comes in, and we’ve got a tech nearby, we can often shuffle schedules on-the-go and solve the problem quickly.


Keeping the Dirty Work Clean

On the right is one of our trademark “clean installs” – “thumbs up.”

On the left – Womp-womp –  “thumbs down.”


Smarter Intalls

Gary adjusts a camera so the light fixture isn’t in the way and shining too bright at it.

On the blueprints, everything looks fine, but we know to follow through on the details so the job’s not just “done” but “done right.”

Our techs are experienced, capable and creative; often called in to fix other’s faulty work and troubleshoot hung-up projects.

We expertly apply technology and innovation to create and maintain facility and workplace security for corporate and retail business workspaces.