High Security Doors & Locks

The Solution is in the Name: High Security

The major benefit of high security locks (also known as HSEC) is that they are nearly impossible to pick. That’s because they have two levels of biaxial key cutting; this makes for angled cuts inside the lock that are very difficult to force open by picking the lock. This means your business avoids theft, business interruption, wasted time and repair expense. You won’t lose money, you’ll gain peace of mind. 

What Makes Control Keys Secure?

Step One: Only locksmiths authorized by the lock maker are given key blanks, key codes and equipment to make the keys.

Step Two:  To ensure that no keys are made before a lock is sold, the locks are also shipped to the locksmith with no pins in them.  Pins are the small bars inside a lock cylinder that engage with the corresponding grooves on a key to open the lock.These pins are added by the seller after a customer purchases the lock.  Using proprietary key codes, only given directly to  locksmiths by the lock manufacturer,  the pins are then installed and the corresponding keys are cut.

Step Three: If a buyer wants additional keys made for the lock,  they have to return to the same seller to have him make the keys.   This gives you complete key control and total peace of mind.

The Control Key Option Explained

If Key Control is your guiding priority, then Controlled Keyways are a cost-efficient and popular alternative.   With this option, we use special client-unique blanks and we are the only authorized creator and duplicator for a client’s keys.

Making the keys is up to us and giving them out is up to you.  The only code you need to know is our phone number.

Do you need High Security Keys?

Key operated locks are the most common type of security device used to control access through doors. While many companies have installed electronic access control systems, the manual lock is still used on most doors. Also, a lot of doors that have an electronic key lock will also have a manual key as a backup.

Let’s face it, the key has been around for a long time, unchanged for the past eighty years or so. Wha that means is that most doors are secured with old technology. Standard keys are easily duplicated, standard locks are easier to pick and in a lot of cases can be drilled open. In order to solve many of these problems high-security keys were developed.

High-security keys are restricted, or patented, which means that they can’t be duplicated by just anybody. Most high-security keys have a cylinder mechanism that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to “pick”. While it may be possible to drill a high-security lock, it’s much more difficult to do making, it very time-consuming.

So, should you use high-security keys? Do you own or run a commercial business? Then the answer is, yes!

Economical & Unstoppable

High security keys and locks offer fuller security without an emptier wallet.

High Security Keys and Locks offer a savings over an electronic access control system and are not effected by power disruptions.  Off the grid and on the guard,  learn about a security option used throughout the White House.

High security keys cannot be made on ordinary key-cutting machines. Their locks are extremely difficult to pick and they use patented key-control systems to prevent just anyone from duplicating the keys.

  • Economical
  • Not able to be duplicated
  • Not effected by power disruption


Upgrade your locks, 

downgrade your worries.