Keyless Locks
Forget Your Keys

The Key to Easy Security, No Keys

Forget your keys?  No, really, forget your keys. Keyless locks allow for easy access while still offering solid security.  You can even get locks that open with a remote, so approaching the door with your hands full isn’t a problem.  For years, you’ve had a remote for your car, but you still need a key to get into your house?  You probably haven’t thought of it like that have you?  Well, now you won’t stop thinking about it.  So, why aren’t you enjoying the same convenience in your house that you have with your car?

If you typically have at least a free finger, then a keyless lock without a remote will work fine for you.   These keyless locks are very convenient. You can assign temporary passcodes for contractors, service appointments and housecleaning or deliveries. You can also use it to make sure your kids come in through a side door to prevent heavy traffic on that nice carpet in the foyer.

So Convenient

  • Do you have at least one finger?
  • No lost key worries
  • Easy to distribute and cancel access
  • Increased convenience with no loss in security
keyless lock entryway
Keyless Yale Lock
Electronic Door Lock no key needed

Closed Means Locked

Many models lock with the press of a button, but there are also keyless locks that always lock when the door closes.  The advantage here  is that there’s never a lapse in your security:   when the door is closed, it’s locked.

You’ll never second guess whether you locked the door or not.  Even with kids running in and out or being outside doing yard work, you can feel more secure knowing that the door is always locked when it’s shut. You’ll never have to backtrack and run to lock your door.  Feel free to accept a neighbor’s invite or zip to the store without having to run in and lock up.   When you’re leaving on vacation, know that – yes, you did lock the door.  If you realize, half way there, that you forgot to turn the stove off, just call a friend and give them the code to get in and turn it off.

Keyless locks offer great convenience without any sacrifice in security and there’s always a key backup to work the locks in case anything goes wrong.

Never again think "Did I lock the door?"

fingerprint keyless lock


Keyless = Worry Less