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Locks wear out, go out of style or, like a helmet, can really suffer when it protects you – and then –  it’s time to replace it.  You wouldn’t feel safe wearing a bashed helmet – so don’t depend on a lock that’s taken a hit or been jammed. If your lock has been forced open or damaged, it’s best to replace it because, once a lock is forced open, it’s easier to force open again.

"Fair prices and good work."

Brian W., Yardley PA

"Advanced Lock & Security is very good. I think their prices are fair and they did good work. This was my first time using them, they just replaced two locks in my home but you know, they showed up on time and they did a fine job, everything was fine."
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"I was really impressed; he took care of all of the locks in no time at all. "

Christen T. Chester Springs PA

"There were so many locks that I needed to have replaced and the guy from Advanced Lock & Security was able to take care of them all. He did a tremendous job."
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"The doors have been working great and the price was better than I expected."

Don P., Allentown PA

"I recently used Advanced to rekey two doors so I could have one key to open both. I was very satisfied with how quick and easy they made the whole process. The tech was very friendly and quicker than I'd been expecting."
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Imagine seeing a new, secure lock on your door instead of that old one that makes you cringe.

Lever locks are really in style now.  It’s not just style though, it’s function because they’re easier to use than traditional round knobs.   If you’re carrying packages or have children, lever locks allow for easier use.  Pushing down on the lever with full arms or small, gloved or arthritic hands is much easier than the old grip-and-turn of round knobs.

Call us now to start feeling better about your security again.   Imagine seeing a new, secure lock on your door instead of that damaged lock that makes you cringe a bit every time you see it, keeps you wiggling the key until it finally catches and opens, or has you rolling your eyes because it looks as bad as it works.  One of these times, it’s just not going to open – no matter how much you wiggle the key.  Not only that, if you’ve had a forced entry or even an attempt, replacing that lock will help the healing process that comes with feeling more secure.

Don’t Expect Locks to Last Forever

It’s not just trauma that can weaken a lock, but simple age and wear. All locks are mechanical devices and so parts wear out or break eventually. If your lock has been bothering you with its fickle performance and you’re not so sure anymore that wiggling the key will get it to work every time, then it’s time to replace that lock.

Even keyless locks or Bluetooth app locks are – internally – mechanically operated, often even more so than a traditional turnkey lock. Like an automatic garage door opener, when a simple button is pressed on a remote, it calls into action a motor, linkages and all sorts of moving, wearing parts. These motors and linkages are packed into a small housing for convenience, and are often plastic, and so can wear even quicker or break easier than those old turnkey locks.

So, even though these locks get high scores for convenience, if they’re made with weak parts, they’ll need to be replaced more often than their high cost justifies. 

The Best time to replace a lock is when you want to, not when you have to.

 Updating your locks is a valid and (the only) enjoyable reason to change your locks.  If you don’t think changing and upgrading your locks would really make a difference, then just imagine doorknobs on your car – or your car’s rounded, sweeping, modern latch on the front door of your house. Changing the locks can really improve the look and feel of your home.

There are two ways to go about upgrading your old lockware: you can replace the old pieces entirely or just add a lock or deadbolt for security, while keeping the old lockware to latch the door closed. There are so many style options available, that you might end up replacing those locks that you thought were too cool to part with.  If that happens, you can still keep using them, just install them on an interior door, so you get to see them, but you don’t depend on them.


When Do It Yourself Means Making the Call.

Some homeowners go the do it yourself route and replace their own locks. This is fine, but many soon realize they’re not up to the task. That’s why you should give Advanced Lock & Security a call and we’ll send out a licensed, bonded and insured professional to replace your locks for you.

Over the years, locks have become more and more complex with a variety of different features. Some are simple, others not so much. At Advanced Lock & Security it’s our job to stay on top of all the changes that locks go through and have on hand all the tool necessary to get the job done right. When one of our professionals are on site they will do a thorough inspection of your lock and may be able to rekey the lock instead of replacing it, if it’s not damaged.

Don’t spend countless frustrating hours trying to replace your own lock, instead call the professions and we’ll send somebody right out. With more than 20 years experience and 5 stars rating our lock replacement experts will prove you a professional service at a reasonable price. Leave the security of your home and office to the professionals. Contact us to solve your locking mechanism issues, and have peace of mind knowing the repair will be completed in a professional manner.

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