Residential Rekey "Change the Locks"

Change your locks, keep your peace of mind.

 If you want to rekey your locks to accept a different key or you want multiple locks to open with a single key, then rekeying your locks or “changing your locks,” is what to ask about when you call. 

"Very Positive Experience."

Joann S., Phoenixville PA

He did phenomenal work. He was very personable and friendly. Before starting he made sure that we knew our options (either rekey or install a new lock), and after he finished he explained the whole process.He was timely and efficient.
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"I will absolutely use them again. They were good."

Peg M., Coatestville, PA

"Advanced Lock & Security were very professional and they were good. This is the first time that I have used Advanced Lock but I will absolutely use them again."
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"The price for the work that was done was better than I expected."

Don P., Allentown PA

Rekeyed two doors so I could have one key to open both of the doors and was very satisfied with how quick and easy they made it. The price for the work that was done was better than I expected for the work I needed. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.
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Stop carrying so many keys

If all of your locks are made by the same company, changing the locks lets you lock everything up with one key, or get in different doors with the same key.   

Get the convenience of one key to open both the front and back doors – and even the basement door.

Spend a little to save a lot.

Changing the locks is not expensive. Rekeying your locks is like pushing the reset button on your home security. You don’t know the key history of your new place, so you should start fresh. 

You don’t know who was given a key or still has copies. When we change the locks for you, they’ll only accept your new keys.  

Also, if you are a landord, consider our eviction/ foreclosure service when you need your locks rekeyed after a tenant moves out.


There is nothing worse than feeling insecure in your own home, so if you’ve ever lost a key, lost control over who has access to your home or, as mentioned earlier, you just moved in, it’s a good idea to give us a call and schedule a rekeying.

Rekeying a lock is peace-of-mind. There are many reason why you would want to do this, but it all boils down to making you feel better.  

Here is a list of people who often have keys to your home:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Babysitter
  • Plumbers
  • Maid
  • Neighbors
  • What about the key you left under the mat for the guy to come in and repair your AC?
"From start to finish the guys from Advanced Lock & Security were great. "
Cecil H. Phila. PA
"They were on time and very professional with everything which I really appreciated. They did an excellent job and I have had no problems since they came out .
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Why choose us?

Great rates
Top Technicians
Superior Customer Service
Streamlined Dispatch System
Commercial and Residential security experts – since 1996
Locally owned, regionally renowned, 24 hour availability
Full spectrum service: from single residence work to National Chain Store projects
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"Very professional and efficient."
Christen T., Ch. Springs PA
"I was really impressed with the efficiency with which he worked which allowed him to take care of all of the locks in no time at all. He did a tremendous job. "
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Changing your locks is the way to hit reset on your security. 

Often, it’s not the good people you know, but the bad people that know those good people . 

Rekeying is a good way to hit the reset button on your home security.

Even if there’s a backdoor you only open from the inside because you lost the key, we can likely make a key for it, so you can use it again and get back that convenient security. While you’re at it, check to see if it’s the same type of lock as your front door and, like we mentioned, we can key it to open with the same key. This way, you won’t be adding keys, you’ll be adding access to the keys you already have.