House Safes

Protect Your: 

  • Documents
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles

Upgrade that Shoebox on the Top Shelf of Your Closet

In addition to installing, opening and removing safes, We also have a variety of Home Safes on site.   They’re fire-rated, floor mountable, easy to use and on sale!

House safes come in all sorts of sizes:  small enough to hold a few documents and large enough to hold your jewelry, collectibles, heirlooms and books.

Even if you’ve got your place on lockdown, a fire can steal your possessions quicker than any burglar. A fire rated house safe can give you that glimmer of relief when all else seems pretty bad.

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Transport
  • Sales
  • Opening – “Safe Cracking”

For Burglars, Bad News is a Good Safe

Think of a house safe as a residential vault.  That said, bank vaults  most often go untouched during a robbery because they take too much effort, risk and time to open. Home Safes make theft difficult and time consuming  – and thieves are not interested in staying any longer than necessary to grab valuables.

There are also gun safes to protect your valuable firearms and secure your hunting pieces. Gun Safes are not just about security but safety. Gun safes can not only protect your guns from theft, but from misuse and damage by fire. Numerous states have CAP (Child Access Prevention) laws regarding gun owner responsibility and criminal liability for firearm storage and access around minors.  Where these laws are in effect unintentional firearm deaths of children fell by 23%.

Gun safes are available with varying fire ratings to preserve these functional valuables.  In a fire situation, where quick evacuation is paramount, knowing your guns, valuables and documents will survive being left behind as you save your family, pets and yourself is a great comfort when little else is.

We Sell, Install, Move and Remove Home Safes

We can expertly install safes or safely move the ones you already have – up to 800 pounds.  We can open locked safes and change combinations.  Maybe you’ve got a safe in your house that’s been there since you moved in and you’re curious about what’s in there or it’s just taking up space and you want it gone.  We can move your safe, open it or make it disappear.

Unsafe at Any Speed

Sure, you could put boards on your stairs.  Go ahead, soap them up and put a rope around the safe with a straight pull line out the door to a tractor.

Then, just when the safe reaches the top of the stairs and tips onto the level floor from its angle of going up the steps – hope that the rope loop doesn’t pull off, over the top of the safe – and let that safe slide back down.

And through everything in its path.

Until 500 pounds down a greased slidingboard is done with its physics lesson.

We’ve seen it. It’s not pretty.  It’s not worth it.


Why get Advanced for your safe work?

Because we’ve moved a lot of safes.You’ll be able to relax and enjoy how unexciting it can be to not wreck your house or explain your great ideas to your insurance agent. 

Moving a safe isn’t always an issue.  We sell a lot of different sized home safes; some fit in the wall, many can be carried home in your car. Some are only for a few files and can be bolted in place on your own. We can help you figure out what choice to make.

  • Custom installations
  • Professional transport
  • Expert opening
  • Selection of Burglary and Fire Rated Safes

Sometimes you’re the one trying to get into your safe.  Electronic malfunction, forgotten combination or mechanical seizing, we’ve seen it all. 

Can’t Get in Your Safe? We Can. 

Commercial Safe Opening_1
Commercial Safe Opening_2
Commercial Safe Opening_3

It's never easy to get into something designed to keep you out, but we've got the experience and equipment to do it.