Upgrade Locks and Doors

You Don’t Have to Trade Looks for Security

Just like in your kitchen, where simply changing the cabinet doors or knobs can really transform the look and feel of the space, upgrading your locks and doors can make a big difference to the overall style and presentation of your home.

In addition to better looks, upgrades give you get better security. Remember, if you live in a development,  the locks for all those houses are bought cheaply in bulk.   When you’re building a lot of  houses, it’s economical. When you’re living in one, and you’re thinking about security, economical doesn’t always add up well.


No, we do not have these in stock. 

Nice though, right? They’re from Dubai. Maybe we can get a set. We know a guy. 

Keep the Old, Add the New

We’ll help you upgrade properly.  In some cases, old locks are kept to latch the door closed while modern pieces are added for better security.  We’ll make sure your new hardware upgrades your security without downgrading your home’s looks.

You don’t have to give up security to keep good looks.  If you have a regal older home or a quirky design gem, don’t be afraid of upgrading old hardware because you think you’ll lose the look and charm of your old locks.  Firstly, you’ve got a lot of options:  from pieces designed to blend to those made to stand out. Secondly, there’s the real chance of losing your modern valuables because of your old hardware.

Upgrading Your Doors

is a Visible, Lasting Improvement

that transforms the Look and Feel of Your Home

Security You’ll Enjoy Every Day

Upgraded locks and doors are upgrades you’ll notice and enjoy every day. When you upgrade your doors and locks, you’re making a  visible, lasting home improvement.  Try that with insulation or a new water heater.

Take the time now to replace old locks, upgrade lesser locks and make sure that all your locks are in good working order. Remember, because all locks are mechanical, their parts wear.  If your lock is acting up, we recommend lubricating it.  Many times, the lock will start to work better. That said, the wear has already occurred and so it may work better now, but not much longer.

Upgrades can make a big difference:  they can bring  peace of mind, they can engender pride of ownership and they can transform the look and feel of your home.   Call us for upgrade work because you enjoy liking your house.

The Difference Between Locked and Secure is Advanced.